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Peter Malliaras
Specialist (Tendinopathy) Physiotherapist

Peter Malliaras (B Physiotherapy (Hons), PhD) is a physiotherapist with a PhD in tendinopathy. He is a Specialist Physiotherapist as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists.

Peter is a clinical and research expert in the field of tendinopathy (tendon pain). He is the first-ranked clinical expert for tendon pain in the world (https://expertscape.com/ex/tendinopathy). He has specialised on tendinopathy cases that are challenging and not responsive to usual treatments for more than 20 years. He consults to top athletes internationally but also sees a high proportion of people who do not play sport and suffer painful tendon problems.

He also works as a Professor at Monash University Physiotherapy Department, where he is involved in multiple tendinopathy research projects in Australia and internationally. His research focuses on understanding problems faced by people with tendon pain and clinical trials testing education and other interventions in tendinopathy.

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