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Biomechanical Analysis

Translating research into practice

At OSVi, research directly impacts clinical practice. Through the insights we gain, we actively integrate evidence-based practices into our treatment protocols and guidelines. By continually evaluating our performance, embracing research-driven practices, and collaborating with the wider healthcare community, we remain at the forefront of innovation and strive to provide the best possible outcomes.

Biomechanics Laboratory and Testing Facility

At OSVi we offer advanced movement and performance assessment services to athletes and patients undergoing rehabilitation or looking to improve their performance. We do this through a combination of the latest technology and clinical experience from our Biomechanics and Performance Testing team composed of sports physiotherapy practitioners, biomechanics specialists and researchers. Through this we ensure everyone who walks through OSVi’s doors gets the best management possible. 

Biomechanical Analysis

Our facilities and services include:

  • Biomechanical Analysis:
    • 25 metre runway embedded with two force plates (Bertec)
    • Motion capture system (Xsens 3D motion tracking technology)
  • Strength and performance testing using:
    • Humac isokinetic dynamometer
    • VALD ForceFrame
    • VALD ForceDecks
    • VALD SmartSpeed Timing Gates
  • Ligament laxity assessment
  • Application of various patient-reported outcomes (PROMS)
  • Immediate biofeedback and interventions from our resident physiotherapists and S&C Coaches
  • Complete report provided to patients to take back to their coaches/physiotherapists

The data generated using our movement analysis and performance testing enable us to create a movement and performance profile for athletes and patients alike. Using this profile, we can optimise an athlete or a patient’s performance through:

  • Benchmarking their profile with normative data and using evidence-based criteria to define performance or recovery.
  • Identifying any underlying biomechanical patterns that may be detrimental to performance or recovery
  • Addressing any residual physical deficits that may affect performance or recovery
  • Developing targeted interventions

Beyond rehabilitation, the Biomechanics Laboratory and Testing Facility also guides innovation, ensuring patients of all ability levels receive the most effective and tailored treatment possible to improve their overall health, function, and performance.